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Hop Engineering (Kent) Ltd Metalwork & Steelwork Fabrication, General & Agricultural Engineering


A list of some of the parts that Hop Engineering’s stores holds in stock.

If there is anything regarding parts for the engineering industry, please use the contact us page.

Fixings - Nuts, bolts, washers  ranging from UNC, UNF, Metric, Imperial. Thrubolts, sleeve anchors, frame fixings, chemical anchors, resin cartridges.

Welding consumables -Welding plants  (not kept in stock), electrodes, wire, gloves, welding screens etc.

Trailer spares - Light boards, bulbs, fuses, plugs, sockets.

Ironmongery - Gate latches, butt hinges, weldable gate hooks, adjustable eyes, spring bolts.  

Automotive - All types of oils, oil filters, air filters, batteries, fuses, terminal spades, industrial paper towels, cleaners.  

Agricultural -  PTO shafts, guards, yokes. sprayer spares, nozzles, filters, flails, grease guns. Hydraulic hoses made to your requirements, bearings, v belts.

P.P.E - Rigger gloves, dipped gloves, disposable gloves, safety glasses, masks, dust masks, ear defenders, wet weather gear, safety boots.

General - drill bits, grinding disks, paint (spray or brush).

Steel - Mild steel, stainless, aluminium, copper, cut, folded, drilled or welded to your requirements.